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You already know how important the mental side of the game is to your team's success. What if you could give each athlete what they need individually so that they could perform at their best when the game is on the line?

Our MTP Academy is your complete online resource and community to help individuals and teams reach and achieve more than they ever thought possible! Resources are ready for you to jump in and get started with your team today!

MTP Team Coaching Sessions are designed to give each athlete exactly what they need to improve confidence, focus, optimism, and much more!


Before we can customize a plan that fits your team, we need to know where we are starting from.

We send you a link to your team's Mental Skills Assessment, in order to get a bird's eye view of the strengths and weaknesses within your team. 

Are there confidence issues? Focus? Staying positive when things don't go your way? Once we know how your players are thinking and feeling during high pressure situations we can customize a plan that is going to be a good fit for your team. 


Business Conference

Once we have a plan in place that you feel comfortable with, we will get started with our team training sessions. At each session, every player will leave with their own action steps to address the parts of their performance that need to improve. 


Westfield High School Boys Golf

"The Team EMTP put together by Coach Carnes gives our entire program the ability to have a systematic approach across all teams in targeting areas of growth for mental development.  The training plan allows all of us to utilize the same language, analysis tools and strategies to optimize our individual development plans with our student athletes. "

- Josh Bryant

Westfield HS Golf Coach

Individual & Team State Championships


"Our entire program has gained an edge because we have trained the mind better than our opponents.  We have helped kids individually and it has impacted our entire team collectively. Our players are more confident and focused, especially during the toughest moments when we need them to be at their best mentally."

- Jake Gilbert

Westfield HS Football Coach

2016 State Champs

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