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About Us


Ben Carnes

MTP Owner

Ben was a teacher and coach for 15 years before stepping away from the classroom to run MTP full-time. He coached multiple sports including football, baseball, wrestling, golf, and lacrosse. Ben has his MEd with a specialization in athletic coaching, a program that covered everything from sports psych to anatomy and biomechanics. The focus of this program was to take what we can learn about performance and help athletes put those practices into action to perform at a higher level. Ben Carnes is not a sports psychologist, and instead of research or counseling, his focus is on helping athletes take what science can tell us about how our brains and bodies respond to pressure situations to develop tools that will help them perform better during competition. Ben specializes in helping athletes improve confidence, focus, optimism, goal setting, visualization and much more. 

Ben has played and coached a wide variety of sports and has experienced first-hand the struggles and frustrations that come along with issues in the mental side of sports, as well as the joy that comes with overcoming these obstacles and just getting back to performing at your best. Coach Carnes has worked with teams and athletes stretching from little league football to professional baseball.  If you have questions for Coach Carnes or about the mental training program, Ben can be reached by email at

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