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Why do some football players perform at their best in high-pressure situations while others often come up short of their full potential? 

What if I told you that ANYONE could learn how to control their mind and body during high-pressure situations? Military organizations around the world have spent millions of dollars researching how to do just that!


Research shows that elite athletes are:

  • Confident and in control

  • Focused on the task at hand

  • In control of their body

  • Seeking perfection while handling failure

  • Have a championship mindset


That is precisely what we built our AIQ training program around!

American Football

For your entire life, the lower part of your brain has been “keeping you safe.” If you were stepping into the street and an oncoming car laid on their horn, the lower part of your brain would cause you to jump back up onto the curb AUTOMATICALLY. You wouldn’t have to think about it. It is just a reaction.

The same is true on the football field. Sometimes we think about the opponent, can’t move on from bad plays, or lack confidence going into a big game. BUT THIS IS JUST AN AUTOMATIC REACTION! If you can learn how your mind and body automatically react to pressure situations, you can also learn to take back control! 


But wiggle your you are. Do you ever just feel nervous or unconfident before a game? Learn why that happens and how you can take back control! We designed AIQ to bring awareness to what is going on in your mind and body AUTOMATICALLY so that you can INTENTIONALLY take back control and perform at your best when it matters the most! 

"The mental training I did with Coach Carnes is something that I found to be just as if not more important than the physical training I have done. My breathing, focus, and in-game skills help slow the game down so I can play on auto-pilot. Being mindful of my attention helps me learn much faster than before. It has helped me in leading University of St. Francis to two national championships and I still continue to use it to this day."

Nick Ferrer, 2x National Championship QB

AIQ Football

Athlete Interactive Quest Football Version:

This virtual training program is designed for middle school and high school football players and teams to help each individual develop a customized plan to overcome obstacles in their mind so they can play at their best when it matters the most.


But what if I don’t have time to do a bunch of research or read tons of books?

No need. Using the latest research from biopsychology and neuropsychology, we have put together easy to understand videos that clarify complex topics and simplify action steps. With all of the work you are putting into your game, we get rid of the extra fluff and give you what you need to develop your plan.


So is this just boring lessons?


No! This is why we have created the Athlete Interactive Quest. We know you want to learn the skills you need to compete at your best so you can just get back to playing the game you love! AIQ is complete with missions, badges, points, and a leaderboard…we don’t like just sitting and listening to lectures either! Our animated videos were designed to keep your attention so you can get the most out of the program. The best part is that it is interactive, so as you go through the program, you will be answering questions to help you build a plan that fits YOU!

What if I don’t like it?


If you aren’t 100% satisfied after 7 days, shoot us an email and we give you all of your money back. No questions asked. Could people take advantage of that? Sure.  But we are so confident that you will love the program that you will want to keep going! 

Can I get this for my entire team?

Absolutely! Middle School and High School football teams have been our most prominent clients for YEARS. We have designed this program for each individual to get what THEY need out of the program and do offer DISCOUNTS if you want to get everyone on your squad signed up. Contact us for more information as our prices vary based on the size of your team and come with some other options as well.

Football Team Coach

Can I get more help?

Your 6 week subscription comes with email support from Coach Carnes.  Something doesn’t make sense? Have a question? Help is no more than an email away with direct access to Coach Carnes.

What’s holding you back?

With a 100% money back guarantee, there is no risk in front of you. You can overcome whatever obstacles are in your way on the football field so that you can perform at your best when it matters the most!  Start your plan today!

Contact Us to Get Started!

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