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We use the latest in cognitive brain research, neuropsychology, & sports psychology to help athletes overcome obstacles in the mental side of their game so that they can reach their full potential.  Mental skills are something that can be developed and improved through a consistent mental training program just like any other skill area.

Our tools for mental strength will help you improve your focus, build confidence, stay optimistic vs. pessimistic, and develop into the clutch player who can perform in big games!

Mental Skills Assessment


Our completely free mental skills assessment can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your mental toughness.

Our podcast has one goal to give you the tools you need to train your mind and perform better under pressure.

Coaching Sessions


Ready to take your mental performance training to the next level? Our team and individual sessions might be just what you need to train your brain!



"Without mental toughness, one mistake can lead to a long slump or a couple long innings pitching. Coach Carnes' mental tactics helped me in high school and continue to help me today.

—  Ryan Pepiot, Baseball Player

Dodgers 3rd Round Pick 2019

Mental Toughness

Can you improve mental toughness?


Yes! Absolutely. 

How do you improve mental toughness?

  1. Know your why: knowing your passion, purpose, and why you are doing something will serve as a foundation for you to keep going when things get tough. 

  2. Control your focus​: focus on what matters right now and what you can control.

  3. Control your self-talk: the average person has about 50 thoughts per minute, be sure how you talk to yourself is positive and building confidence not tearing it down.

  4. Control your body: stress and anxiety don't just affect your mind, they directly impact your body as well. Mindfulness, breathing and forced muscular relaxation can help you take back control.

  5. Control your emotions: you don't have to wait around to see how other people or situations are going to make you feel. Instead, you can take back control and generate the emotions you want to feel!  Check out our podcast for more information on mental training for athletes.

Everything we do is built around helping you!

Free Resources

Individual Training

Team Sessions

Golf Mental Training

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Customized for players, coaches, or entire teams/programs

  • We offer a golf specific training program (more sports coming soon)

  • As well as a 6 week elite mindset program

We offer in-person and digital sessions via Zoom

  • Individualized training for YOU

  • Control your mind and body

  • Improve confidence

  • Develop mental toughness

  • Sport-specific training

Individual Coaching

Team & Group Sessions

Customized to fit what your team needs to be at their best

  • Controlling your mind and body

  • Developing mental toughness

  • Handling distractions

  • Goal setting and elite achievement

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