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Give your kids the tools they need to succeed during competition and in life!

From little league beyond signing day, we help athletes develop customized plans to control their mind and body in Big Moments.


As a parent, you know your kids better than anyone. 

Your son or daughter has poured countless hours into preparing for competition, but it can be frustrating when they are not able to show that when the lights come on. 

Mental Training Plan helps athletes develop customized plans to take back control of their mind and body so they can perform at their best. 

If your son or daughter is ready to take back control and develop the mental side of their game, we are here to help!

Ben Carnes.png


Ben Carnes has been helping athletes improve the mental side of their game since 1999. 

He has helped athletes improve their confidence and take back control of their focus from little league to professional levels.


He knows that each individual athlete struggles with their own specific parts of the mental side of the game. 

After spending 15 years in the classroom as a teacher and coach, Ben has developed the skills needed to take complex concepts in the fields of neuropsychology and sports psychology and teach them in a way that is easy to digest and understand. 

Ben works full-time as the owner of Mental Training Plan and helps athletes develop customized plans to perform at their best in pressure situations through online training and individual sessions. 

Josh Bryant - Individual and team state championship golf coach


"The training system put together by Coach Carnes gives our entire program the ability to have a systematic approach across all teams in targeting areas of growth for mental development.  The training plan allows us to utilize the same language, analysis tools, and strategies to optimize our development plans with our student-athletes. "

Google Review - Mother of former athlete


"As a QB, our son helped to lead his 6A football team to back-to-back state runner-up titles. Blessed that he continues to play the game, he loves at the next level, D1 football. Grateful to Ben Carnes and for the mental training program which prepared our son for the toughest situations on the field and that will follow him in his personal life. The skills and tools taught have had a huge positive impact on his character, athletic career, success, performance, and mental toughness! Highly recommended!"

Jake Gilbert- State championship football coach


"I feel like the mental side of sports is truly the best chance for our athletes to gain an advantage and it's imperative for our kids who want to reach their full potential. Ben has coached at elite levels and has put exhaustive research into studying the brain and its effects on performance. He's the only person I know that has actually excelled in both areas to the point that he truly understands athletes and can recommend strategies for overcoming performance anxiety, competition stress, and fear. His knowledge and application have been priceless to our program."


Ryan P. - MLB Pitcher


"Without mental toughness, one mistake can lead to a long slump or a couple of long innings pitching. Coach Carnes' mental tactics helped me in high school and continue to help me today."

Nick F. - 2x National Championship QB

National Championship QB

"The mental training I did with Coach Carnes is something that I found to be just as if not more important than the physical training I have done."

Andrew L. - State championship golfer


"The mental side of sports is not talked about enough.  This year I was able to improve the mental side of my golf game and the results were incredible.  Being mentally tough and learning to let go of bad shots is crucial to maximizing performance."


Elite Athlete
Training Program

Elite Athlete Training Program.png

Individual Monthly Training
$500 per mo - 2 month minimum

1-on-1 training with Ben designed for dedicated athletes committed to excelling in high-pressure environments. Our comprehensive training program equips you with the mental skills and tools essential for peak performance. Includes: -Personalized Coaching: 4 monthly sessions (45-60min each), available either in-person at Pro X inside of Grand Park: Westfield, IN or online via Zoom. -Data-Driven Progress: Benefit from bi-annual mental skills assessments, allowing us to track your growth and fine-tune your training for measurable, data-backed results. -Customized Curriculum: Dive into the MTP Academy's year-long program, meticulously personalized by Ben to align with your specific sport and unique needs. -Sport-Specific Strategies: Learn techniques and strategies directly applicable to your sport, enhancing your mental resilience, focus, and overall performance.

MTP Training


5 In-Person Sessions

1-on-1 foundation program introduces basic skills in a 5 session bundle with Ben. Meetings can take place at our Westfield, IN office or virtually via Zoom. Session 1: Initial Consultation *No-Risk %100 refund guarantee* Sessions 2-4: Customized sessions to help each athlete improve confidence, focus, and any other areas that need improvement.  Session 5: Re-evaluation, build your final packet, make future-proof plans. Future Sessions: Optional and available as needed -$50 per half hour.

Online Training Program (for Athletes)

Train Online (1).png

1 Year of Online Access

Our digital training program is designed to help you control your mind and body during high-pressure situations. Perform at your best. Train at your own pace. Make your mental training plan today!

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