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Ready to take back control of your mind and body?

Ready to perform at your best?

Our online academy utilizes the same tools and techniques as our 1-on-1 mental performance coaching but allows you to go through the program on your own time, at your own pace. 

Make your plan, and put it to work!

My Game Plan

My Game Plan Banner-1 (1).png

Quick 50-minute mini-course to help you create a customized plan to regain control of your mind and body. 

Elite Golf Mindset

Mental Coach For Golf.png

Learn to control your mind and body on and off the golf course so you can perform at your best when it matters the most!

6 Week Championship Mindset Program

6 Week Coaching Mindset Program.png

6-week course includes tools and skills to achieve a championship mindset, as well as a printable notebook to track progress and weekly goals. 

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